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    Health writer

    I have been running a health blog since 2008. By then I had been working with an OB on his message board for years as an authorized non-medical consultant, giving advice especially in complementary medicine and herbal medicine, informing guests about possible drug interactions and proper doses. After the birth of my son (in Canada) I started writing about the hospital-integrated midwifery model of care, sharing translated documents and research materials as well as my personal experience. My site became well known among doctors and nonmedical care providers alike. Through the heated yet scientific discussions that took place on my blog and were read by thousands – even by some in positions of power – , I could contribute to the professional regulation of home birth in Hungary as well as the implementation of some midwifery model policies in Hungarian hospitals.

    Recently, I write about intercultural parenting practices and children’s cognitive and language development while I continue my original work as well, publishing excerpts and full translations of medical articles about women’s health, herbal medicine and psychology.

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