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    Translator, language teacher


    English to Hungarian, Hungarian to English, German to Hungarian

    Software: Microsoft Office

    General fields: Art/Literary, Medical, Social Sciences, Tech/Engineering

    Specializes in: Medical: Health Care, Nutrition, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Herbal medicine; General conversation/Letters; Linguistics: Psycholinguistics, Morphology, Hungarian Linguistics; Literature; Psychology: Psychotherapy, Parenting; Theology: Christian, especially Catholic tradition; Journalism, Performing arts: Ballet, Theater, Classical music including opera;  Education/Pedagogy; Idioms/Sayings; Documents/Certificates.

    Recent translation projects include books and book chapters, medical and parenting articles, psychotherapy transcripts, pharmaceutical and hospital treatment transcripts, diagnostic manuals, various teaching materials, nutrition guidelines.

    Teaching experience:

    Adult courses, Arany János Hungarian School, Hamilton, Canada
    Teaching Assistant, Sir Isaac Brock Elementary School, Hamilton, Canada

    Private teaching and tutoring since 1996

    Proofreading experience (in Hungarian):

    Jezsuita képzés a Rendalkotmányban, Hungarian original of the book  Jesuit  formation in the Constitutions, Hungarian edition ISBN 9789632367040

    de Klerk – Roos – Terlaky: Nonlinear Optimization (Hungarian version, Nemlineáris optimalizálás, Budapest, 2004)

    Studia Ignatiana 2001, 2002.

    Countless book and textbook chapters, newspaper articles, user guides, documents and theses, since 1995


    2006 MA in General and Applied Linguistics, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Budapest

    2005 Certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, University of Ottawa, ICAL

    2002 MA in Hungarian Philology, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Budapest